Failing To Success Movie – Featuring


Madeleine Magnusson


Madeleine is Lifestyle Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Nowadays she performs her practice from Sweden.

Beatriz García Ricondo


Beatriz is the CEO of Crearte Coaching y Transformación. Currently, she practices as a coach and facilitator of transformational processes from Madrid, Spain.

Tommy Heart


Born in Germany (Berlin), Tommy is singer, songwriter and music producer.

Gema Sánchez-Cabezudo Niño


Gema received her MA in Educational Psychology and she is also an expert in professional coaching, socio-emotional abilities, and in non-executive orientation and advising. As a facilitator in learning and transformation processes, she’s been accompanying persons, teams and organizations to release their full potential for more than 7 years. One of her mottos is: “Mind, Heart and Action for Change”.

Prof. Josef Bigun


Josef is a scientist in Computer Vision at Halmstad University, Sweden (Högskolan i Halmstad). He is also Fellow of IEEE and IAPR (USA).

Nunzio Luca Bufardeci


Born in Italy (Milan), Luca is coach and corporate trainer.

Jakob Samuel


Artist, singer, songwriter, drummer, sailor and daddy. He’s got his base of operations in Sweden.

Neus Miró Pons


Neus is the founder of Gaia University. She is also trainer, writer and a researcher of the conscious transformation of human beings.

Miguel Valls


Born in Valencia (Spain), Miguel is the founder of Escuela Cristal.

Luz T.P.


PhD, Founding partner of El Viaje de Luz (in English: Luz’s Journey). Since 2012 she devotes her personal and professional life to do research, and to provide training for the conscious evolution of humankind.

Torque Rock Band


Torque Rock Band. You can follow them in their Facebook page here. They are a rock band from Leon (Spain). The members are (from left to right):

Pedro Tato – Singer, Composer, Drummer, Bass Player, Daddy and, in his own words: “the one who winds the band up”

Violeta Rodríguez – Bass Player, Vocals and Translator at Torque

Miriam Torque – Drummer and Vocals at Torque. Fan of the “tosta-cola”

Josamerican – Just like that

Recently, a new member has joined the band: Laura del Amo, moonlighter keyboard player