Luz T. P.

PhD, Founding partner of El Viaje de Luz (in English: Luz’s Journey). Since 2012 she devotes her personal and professional life to do research, and to provide training for the conscious evolution of humankind.



Techu Arranz Basagoiti

Techu is co-director of the Institute of Human Potential (IPH) together with Gustavo Bertolotto Vallés.

Her current dedication is focused on developing the potential and managing change in people and organizations through training in Coaching, Mentoring, Diversity and Unconscious Biases, Leadership and Female Talent, NLP, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Stress Management, Wellness and Emotional Intelligence. She has extensive experience as a mentor of leaders, personal, executive and team coach, and corporate trainer.

In the Transpersonal area she has training in Chi Kung Traditional Chinese Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, body awareness, Mindfulness, MBSR, Vipassana, Zen, Ericksonian Hypnosis and other styles of meditation.

Member of the advisory council of the Fundación Quiero Trabajo (I Want Work Foundation), collaborator of the Filia Foundation and supporter of the Earth Charter movement ( She gives conferences and collaborates regularly in the press and radio. She is co-author of the book Coaching hoy, Teoría general del coaching (Coaching Today, A General Theory of Coaching, Ed. Ramón Areces, 2010) and co-translator of the book Coaching Energético (Energetic Coaching, Ed. Kolima).



Anthropologist, Writer


Gustavo Bertolotto

Gustavo is co-director of the Institute of Human Potential (IPH) together with Techu Arranz.

He graduated as an Economist in 1972 and in 1980 he founded the IPH in Madrid. In 1989 he introduced the teaching of NLP in Spain and is the author of the book “Activa tu potencial con PNL” («Activate your potential with NLP», Editorial Universitaria Ramón Areces, 2016)

At present it facilitates the transformation of people and organizations through training in the different levels NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Neuromanagement, Public Speaking and Coaching. His passion for transpersonal psychology has led him to be trained, among others, with Antonio Blay Fontcuberta (Psychology of Self-fulfilment), Concha Quintana and Jacques Castermane (Karlfried Dürckheim’s school, who integrate Zen meditation with Jungian Psychology) Claudio Naranjo (SAT , Enneagram and Gestalt), Jean Klein and Consuelo Martín (Vedanta), Antonio Oliver (Christian Anthropology), Juan Li (chi kung) … and he has had experiences with the Sintergetic medicine of Dr. Jorge Carvajal, Feldenkrais Method, 5 rhythms, Biodance , Alexander Technique, Counseling. He is an authorized instructor of the “Mindfulness MBSR method” at the University of Massachusetts.


Javier González Calvo

Trainer of the Silva Method and Professional Coach


Graciela Large de la Hoz

Large Method for Human Development


Madeleine Magnusson

Lifestyle Coach

Madeleine Magnusson is a lifecoach, yoga- & meditation teacher and an expand method teacher. She help individuals and companies to find their inner strength, their inner leadership. In order to find the inner strength you need to listen to your heart. If you are constantly stressed out, you do not hear the inner voice. Without it, you are controlled by the reptilian brain and it is difficult to make wise decisions, and often it ends in loosing yourself or burnout.

”I know, I was completely lost and began to believe that others knew better than me. I began to walk the paths of others and got lost, until I began to calm my system, and heard my inner voice. Only then could I begin to walk my path. It was an rough road, but I am grateful, because I learned so much about myself. I lived 10 years in an abusive relationship, it was horrible. I will say that mindfulness saved my life.”

Madeleine Magnusson has publish 3 books, and several cd´s/mp3 on how to find your inner power.


Ada Luz Márquez

Poet, Writer, Artist


Erika Navarro Vega

Expert Teacher in Emotional Intelligence

Erika Navarro Vega has a Diploma in Education (Specialist in Physical Education) from the University of León, a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education,  and a Graduate in Early Childhood and Primary Education with a mention in Hearing and Language and a Master in Advanced Teaching Skills from the Camilo José Cela University. Expert in alternative pedagogics and Emotional Intelligence. Educator in Positive Discipline for families, classroom and early childhood by the Positive Discipline Association. Author of the children’s story EL MAGO MALVADO DE LOS BOSQUES (THE EVIL WIZARD OF THE FORESTS, Ed. Pasión por los libros) and DENTRO DE MI CEREBRO (INSIDE MY BRAIN, Ed. Pasión por los libros). Creator of the educational page EDUCACTÍVATE.


Nieves Pérez

General Director and co-creator of ANE International.
Neurotrainer in Spain and Latin America.

Coach, lecturer, trainer and tireless researcher in the field of personal development. Master in Cognitive Neurosciences and specialized in the application of Neuroscience to business and personal growth for more than 10 years. Her authenticity, pedagogical capacity for exhibition, rigor and closeness stand out.

Of Spanish origin, her curiosity for other cultures and for the human being would lead her in 2001 to live in London (United Kingdom), and in 2003, she settled in Bremen (Germany) where she began her career as a trainer, personal trainer, coach and, later on, lecturer.

Some of her most relevant studies are: Master in Cognitive Neurosciences for companies, Official German Certification in comprehensive mind & body therapies, Coaching, Therapeutic hypnosis techniques according to M. Erikson, Quantum Healing and Mental Training.

She was the founder of the concept of coaching and health Salud! bewusst (Health Consciousness) in Bremen, Germany.

From 2012 to 2016 she was a pioneer in the Expansion project of the international Neuroscience consortium, leading the management of ANE S.L in Spain – one of the subsidiaries of the TS Holding. From 2016 to 2017 she accompanied Torsten Seelbach, founder of the German Academy, as general director of the Consortium and is currently the co-creator and general director of ANE International.


Marta Rodríguez Román

Expert in Psychological Reversals and Patterns

The human being, in all its facets, causes me admiration and amazement.

My initial training, my base, is kinesiology.

Later I made specialisations in Psychology, Digestive System and Nervous System, and a later specialization in Relationships (transgenerational, attachment systems, loyalties, games, transactions …)

Once trained in the psychological, biochemical and structural aspects of the human being, I realized that it is also necessary to understand the plan of the soul and its attributes.

Knowing the mission what has come to carry out in this earthly scenario and what prevents it, so I studied Psychological Astrology, Therapeutic Astrology and Medical Astrology.

Later I did studies in Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which reaffirmed my vision that we are made of information, which is housed in the body.

My last studies have been in Transactional Analysis and Somatic Therapy, closing for me the cycle that I started with Kinesiology applied to Psychology, in terms of the early learning that guides us for life, knowledge that I have been able to integrate into the readings of natal charts, thus allowing to refine the diagnosis of patterns and psychological reversals.



Vane T. S.


Fernando Alonso